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How do you use your voice to positively impact yourself and your community?

 Tell us about a time that you used your voice and leadership skills to make a positive impact.

 How were you affected by this experience? How were those around you or your community affected?

 How will you continue to use your voice to make a positive difference in your community?

All students are encouraged to enter by submitting up to a five (5) minute video. Students can speak in their native language - not just English!


25 regional winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. The regional winners will receive a special certificate and will be featured on the Leader in Me blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. This year, regional and final winners will have opportunities to participate in future global, virtual events!

From the group of regional winners, five (5) grand prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges using these criteria:

Individual, ages 5-10: One (1) grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 USD leadership grant.

Individual, ages 11-15: One (1) grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 USD leadership grant.

Individual, ages 16-19: One (1) grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 USD leadership grant.

School: One (1) school grand prize winner will receive a $2,000 USD leadership grant.

Family: One (1) family grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 USD leadership grant.

Popular Vote: One (1) popular vote winner will receive a $500 USD leadership grant. Please note that to be eligible for the popular vote contest, speeches must be centered on the prompt. The judges have sole discretion to disqualify any popular vote contest entry that does not fulfill the requirements of the speech contest and/or the prompt. 

All winners will be announced March 28, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Popular votes only count if the vote is submitted through this platform via the "Vote Now" button. This voting will take place March 15, 2021 - March 20, 2021. Votes or "likes" submitted through social media platforms will not count towards the popular vote contest.


The following rules and guidelines will help parents or guardians support participating students in producing a great video.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student worldwide (ages 5 to 19) that attends a licensed Leader in Me school is eligible to participate. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist, but the student must do the majority of the work!

Step 1: Prepare a Great Message

• How do you use your voice to positively impact yourself and your community?

• Seek permission and/or credit the source of any third-party content referenced during the speech.

• Don't forget to film during the duration of your service-learning project.

Step 2: Determine Your Entry Category


• This project and entry video is led and reported on by an individual Leader in Me student, but the student can have help and support from their family or school.

• There are three (3) individual entry categories: ages 5-10, ages 11-15, and ages 16-19.


• School-wide led - this project and entry video can be led and reported on by a classroom, a small team of students, or even an entire school.


• Family led - this project and entry video is led by members of a family unit (this must be a new project idea and show how all participating members of the family were involved).

Step 3: How to Present Your Results

• Think of creative ways to make the speech/project memorable, engaging, and unique.

• Maintain consistent eye contact, use appropriate gestures, and speak clearly with expression.

• Consider visuals, such as slides, posters, a unique background, or objects, that might strengthen your message.

• Memorize your speech.


• The video should be no longer than five (5) minutes in length.

• Make sure you film in a quiet location (no major background noise, like traffic, lawnmowers, or other people.)

• Submissions must be in standard video formats, such as: MOV (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4), FLV (.flv), or WMV (.wmv).

• The video must not include third-party intellectual property or copyright-protected content, like logos on shirts or branded products visible in background or songs. Your video will be be disqualified if it includes third-party intellectual property or copyright-protected content.

Step 4: Submit Your Entry

• Videos can be submitted with a Youtube URL from your own personal channel.

• Complete the official entry form.

• Print and upload a signed release form from a parent or guardian for each student appearing in the video.

• Submit a .doc or .txt (or similar) file of your speech

• Teachers- If you are submitting entries on behalf of your students, the entry must be in the student’s name, not yours.

• Enter via Youtube or upload speech in an acceptable video format

• Entry indicates participants and parents or guardians agree to give FranklinCovey ownership of video content.


For important contest resources, please visit the 2022 International Student Speech Contest web page.

Important contest resources include:

Judging Rubric

Parent Consent Form (English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese)

Editable Speech Contest Flyer

English Printable Flyer


Consider ways that you can make a difference.

The purpose of a leadership grant is to inspire and enable students to be life-ready leaders by using the grant to make a difference within their circle of influence. A leadership grant will be awarded by FranklinCovey to students who are selected as winners in this year's student speech contest. As participants work to develop a speech, they should consider what they would do with the leadership grant if awarded the prize and submit their plans for its use during the entry-form process. The decision is up to the student, but here are a few suggestions to make a difference as a leader:

• Identify and fix a problem that exists at school.

• Donate the money to a charitable contribution.

• Purchase personal school supplies.

• Help a class member or family in need.

• Contribute to a college fund.

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