International Student Speech Competition 2021 Winners

A sincere THANK YOU to all of those that participated in the 2021 International Student Speech Competition! We had 1,000 amazing submissions and it was difficult to choose just one winner in each category. Your leadership, service and compassion truly shined bright through your submissions and you have inspired many people!

If you have been selected as a winner, we will be in touch with you shortly.

Within the next two weeks we will feature our winners and 25 finalists on We will notify the finalists when those videos are featured.

Thank you!

Grand Prize Winner (ages 5-10)

Service learning-take care of old people-XIRAN ZHENG-HUAFU-MASTERMIND


Grand Prize Winner (ages 11-15)

Mental Heath Matters

Veronica Yepes

Grand Prize Winner (ages 16-19)

Providing Online Tutoring: Creating a System To Assist Students Improve

George Ciocoi

Popular Vote Winner

A Leitura para todos ("Reading for all")

Lara Viola Cezar

Grand Prize Winner (School category)

How Are You Going to Help Someone Today?

Matthew King

Grand Prize Winner (Family category)

UA - Family - Kyiv- Gymnasium 257

Iryna Shkarupilo